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Living with Persistent Pain is Frustrating

Feeling pain in your body causes significant stress. Whether you’re troubled by a sudden injury, arthritis, a sore back, or other issues, the effects are the same: persistent pain and limited mobility makes it difficult for you to get through your day, much less enjoy it. Your sleep and overall mental health may suffer as a result.

You just want relief, and you want it ASAP.


Find Head-to-Toe Solutions and Pain Relief at PhysioStop

At PhysioStop, we know how important it is to get you back to your best self as soon as possible. That’s why you’re seen immediately when you visit our clinic.

Your initial visit begins with our expert chiropractor assessing your problem area and conducting a thorough history to identify the underlying cause of your pain. We then deliver manual adjustments to get you feeling better right way. Together, we come up with a treatment plan using our proven, hands-on methodology to help you reduce pain and correct your body’s motions.

Chiropractic Care Encompasses More Than Spinal Manipulations

Many people are surprised when they learn that chiropractors treat more than spine-related issues, but it’s true!
Our expert chiropractor can treat pain in the following areas.
People who experienced motor vehicle accidents may receive traumatic injuries that require ongoing care. PhysioStop accepts patients with ICBC coverage. Our chiropractor will diagnose the problem during your first appointment and determine the best course of action for a speedy recovery.

Do you experience back pain or limited spine motion? Many of our patients come to us seeking relief from these issues. Our chiropractor delivers expert spinal manipulations to relieve pain and correct your spinal position. We have your back—literally!

You shouldn’t have to fight against stiff joints and aching muscles every time you move. Our chiropractor can help you regain range of motion and strength by providing gentle release through soft tissue therapy, diversified adjustment techniques, and rehabilitative exercises.

Suffering injuries are a regular part of an athlete or dancer’s life. Whether you need treatment for an ACL tear, shin splints, or any other type of sports injury, our chiropractor will diagnose your problem and come up with a specialized treatment plan in your first appointment. We’ll work together to help your body recover as soon as possible, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Our mental health has a direct impact on our bodies. Stress and anxiety can play into musculoskeletal issues including headaches, stiffness, aches, and fatigue. Our chiropractor specializes in soft tissue therapy, so we’re prepared to help you relieve pain and relax those tight muscles and joints.

Enduring headaches is tough, especially if they are recurring. We get how they affect your ability to concentrate and make enjoying your day difficult. Using advanced adjustment techniques, our chiropractic treatments can ease recurring migraines, tension headaches, or jaw pain.

A Holistic Approach to Health and Well-being

Our expert practitioners aren’t just here to help you relieve pain. We’re here to help you move better, prevent future injuries, and achieve long-term health.

Traditionally, chiropractors receive advanced training in neck and spine-related issues (which is why they’re often known for their “adjustment” techniques), while physiotherapists focus on exercise-based rehabilitation and functional retraining of the body. As a patient, you would only receive one type of treatment or the other.

At PhysioStop, all of our expert practitioners assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of musculoskeletal issues and believe in utilizing manual therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes corrective exercises and functional retraining. When you become a patient at our clinic, you benefit from the collective knowledge and skills of our whole team.

Optimize Your Spinal Mobility, No Matter Who You Book With

Our chiropractic services are the newest addition to the range of physiotherapy and kinesiology services we offer. Chiropractors bring additional treatment options including:

  • Diversified neck and back adjustment techniques
  • Peripheral joint adjustments
  • IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Rock Tape / Kinesiotaping
  • Sport-specific treatment including Dance Medicine

Chiropractors specialize in advanced manipulation techniques and soft tissue therapy for spine and neck pain. But based on your specific needs, we may recommend an integrated treatment plan that involves ongoing chiropractic care combined with physiotherapy or kinesiology.

Start your progress toward feeling good in your body

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