To ensure you receive effective treatment, you get your physiotherapist’s undivided attention for the full duration of your appointment. You won’t ever have to move between treatment rooms or wait as your therapist treats multiple patients at a time.

*Please note that we reserve a full hour for new assessments so that we have adequate time for diagnosis and treatment.

Private Physiotherapy

30 minutes – $90
45 minutes – $135 
60 minutes – $180

ICBC Physiotherapy

Initial Assessment – covered by ICBC
30 minutes – $8 


Our kinesiologists have studied human movement and exercise and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in kinesiology.

To ensure you get the most value out of each session, your kinesiologist specifically tailors your exercise program to meet your unique needs and goals.

One-on-one Kinesiology

30 minutes – $60
45 minutes – $90
60 minutes – $120

ICBC Active Rehabilitation

Covered by ICBC

Group Exercise Classes

One drop-in class – $25
BUNDLE 5+ classes – $20 per class

Important Notes