Pricing and Value

First Appointment Options


Single area of concern
Best for most new patients
$ 100* 45 min
  • Full assessment
  • Treatment plan
  • Understand your condition
  • Start treatment if time allows


Multiple areas or complex case
Fully Covered by ICBC & WorkSafeBC
$ 140* 1 hour
  • Full assessment
  • Treatment plan
  • Understand your condition
  • Start treatment and feel better


In need of specialized skills
Concussion/Vestibular or Pelvic Floor
$ 210 1 hour
  • Full assessment
  • Treatment plan
  • Understand your condition
  • Start treatment and feel better

* Special First Appointment pricing if you sign up for our amazing newsletters at the bottom of this page. Applies to first visits to the clinic with a physiotherapist – follow up treatment visit prices are listed below. Excludes appointments with Dacia.


We are a one-on-one treatment clinic.  You get your therapist’s undivided attention for your entire appointment. Each professional has their own spacious private treatment room fully stocked with everything they need – no curtained rooms by design. This ensures that you get the most effective treatment possible. You won’t ever have to move between treatment rooms, be left on your own with a machine, or wait as your therapist treats multiple patients at a time.

Tiffany ChaoLeah Turman
Standard 30 min$95Standard 30 min$100
Enhanced 45 min$142Enhanced 45 min$150
Complex 60 min$190Complex 60 min$200
Initial Pelvic Floor 60 min$210Personal Training 60 min$145
Pelvic Floor 30 min$105Active Physio 60 min$155
Roger ZhouTeryn Buna
Standard 30 min$95Standard 30 min$105
Enhanced 45 min$142Enhanced 45 min$157
Complex 60 min$190Complex 60 min$210
Active Physio 60 min$155Concussion / Vestibular Initial 60 min$210
Dacia Zavitz
Standard 30 min$250
Enhanced 45 min$375
Complex 60 min$500
* Appointments with Dacia are limited. Dacia does not handle WorkSafeBC claims.
* Active physio is one-on-one exercise based physiotherapy treatment done mostly in the gym with your physio. For returning patients only after assessment.
* Most patients only require standard treatment visits. Your clinician will discuss longer appointments if required.
* WorkSafeBC - there is no charge with an accepted claim number.
* ICBC - ICBC covers the cost of initial visits and $93 of subsequent physio visits.

Kinesiology & Personal Training

We have a large fully stocked gym – our gym alone is 1500 square feet is which is bigger than many entire clinics.  We welcome people of all abilities. No matter where you are in your fitness journey or recovery process we will tailor a plan to suit your needs and goals. 

Kinesiology & Personal Training
Matthew WongKeenan Wong
ICBC Active RehabFree - Covered by ICBC
Baseline Assessment & Goal Setting$49.99Baseline Assessment & Goal Setting$49.99
Silver - 4/month$399 / monthSilver - 4/month$399 / month
Gold - 8/month$699 / monthGold - 8/month$699 / month
Diamond - 12/month$999 / monthDiamond - 12/month$999 / month
Single Session Price - 1 hour$120Single Session Price - 1 hour$120

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