Move with purpose for health shall follow

People often forget how good their body is supposed to feel

Experience physiotherapy the way it should be – hands on and effective. At PhysioStop, we strive for excellence in everything we do and our mission is to elevate the standard of care in the physiotherapy profession.




Restorative Physio

We do the work, you relax and feel better. Treatments encompass muscles, joints, fascia, and nerves, making each Restorative Physio session truly comprehensive. 


New Injuries

The PhysioStop team has extensive experience treating a variety of injuries. Whether the result of a traumatic injury or your pain has developed over time, during your first appointment our physiotherapists will be able to diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action.


Chronic Pain

Do you live with chronic pain? Have you tried various treatments to find you have short term relief with minimal long-term benefits? Using various techniques, Dacia and her team will assess each client and conduct a thorough history to determine underlying issues that may be contributing to ongoing chronic pain.


ICBC Injuries

Although most improvement is usually seen within the first 2 years following a motor vehicle accident, through cutting edge treatment interventions, Dacia and her team have also seen improvements in people who suffer from ongoing injuries from accidents that occurred years ago.

“I have had many issues following my ACL surgery, many that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life. After many attempts at different physiotherapists, I can honestly say that my knee has vastly improved all because of Dacia’s treatment.

Dacia is an amazing professional and her knowledge spreads beyond typical physio treatments. She is knowledgable in all different practitions which makes her diagnosis so accurate and her treaments effective. I am so happy that I met her and the way she has improved my quality of life.”

“Dacia’s hands are magic.  With her help, I was able to manage my daily pain.  In my 80s, I found her weekly treatments essential to my quality of life.  Her knowledge and experience are unparalleled.  Not only is she an excellent physiotherapist, but her demeanor is kind and it is evident she cares deeply about her patients.  I am lucky to have her in my life.”

“I have seen Dacia over the past 15 years for various injuries.  Each time, she is able to identify the source of my problem and help me recover.  I have recommended her to many colleagues, and they are all so thankful that I have done so.  I thought I knew what physiotherapy was until I met Dacia – and now I know what physiotherapy can be.”


-Move with purpose for health shall follow

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